Welcome to UpDash

We created UpDash so our customers could see exactly how well their campaigns performed. Compared to our competition, transparency was a refreshing change for our customers. UpDash has now developed into the most comprehensive campaign tracking and lead management tool on the market.

The best part about it is that UpDash comes with every campaign you run with us. There is no extra costs for it’s many features. Take a minute and watch the video on your right to learn more about UpDash.


Campaign Tracking

Want to know exactly how well a campaign performed?

Want to see every phone calls, web lead, appointment and even track who visited your showroom from the campaign? UpDash does all this and more.

Lead Management

Manage every lead generated from your campaign in one easy to use dashboard.

Look at the lead history, make notes and set an appointment. You can even listen to phone calls and view financial and vehicle information from each lead.
Also, all leads can be sent to your CRM system for follow-up after the campaign.


Lead capturing microsites that match your campaign creative.

Auto Loan Review
Millions To Lend

Mail Tracking

Tired of not knowing if your mail has made it out yet?

UpDash’s mail tracking feature ensures you know exactly when your mail is your customer’s mailbox. In fact, on event campaigns our customer service team calls each post office to ensure your mail has been delivered. A comprehensive mail tracking report is then sent to you daily.

ROI Reporting

UpDash can be integrated with your DMS so you can see exactly who bought a vehicle or serviced their vehicle as a direct result of your campaign.

In fact, our comprehensive reporting will show you the details of each transaction and the overall profitability of your campaigns.